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 Design of Experiences with Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphone "reinforcement" of customer clubs in shopping environments

COMINATOR is ready to support customer clubs in shopping environments with iPhone. Android version under development.

The solution enables clubs to:

- Subscribe via the users' smartphones
- Transfer physical card to smartphone
- Share via Facebook
- Option of integration with Apple Passbook bonus and discount card

Apart from supporting customer clubs in COMINATOR's Shopping app, it's possible to use the solution in connection with the development of a specific customer club app.

If your shop is in a chain using customer club, ring +45 2890 9068 for information on the options.

Easter Egg Hunt 2013 for iPhone and Android

Help the Isabella figure to find her friends: Trine, Camilla, Emma and Jack. This was the theme of the year in the Easter hunt.

Users could help Isabella find the friends by scanning the QR codes on the shop windows in the shopping environment with their smartphones. When all the friends were found, the users could receive an Easter egg.

The year's Easter hunt was used by:

  • - Viborg Handel
  • - Tønder Handel
  • - City Kolding

Will a more direct route to vacant parking spaces have a positive effect on the CO2 accounts?

COMINATOR Parking module uses sensor data from existing parking board systems. The data are used to indicate the number of vacant spaces in a city's car parks.

With a location-based service, it is possible for users to see the location of the nearest car park with vacant spaces in relation to the user's own location. If the sensor data are not available, users will only be able to see the location of the nearest car park.

In combination with COMINATOR Shopping, Events and Tourism, users will also be able to select a shop and see the nearest car parks in relation to the chosen shop.

Sensor based parking are used by:

  • - Viborg Handel
  • - Herning City

Scratch advent calendar for iPhone and Android

The 2012 scratch advent calendar used by:

  • Viborg Handel
  • Herning City
  • Tønder Handel
  • City Kolding

Measurable discount and special offer coupons for Apple Passbook

With the latest version of Apple's software for iPhone, users can get a "purse" in which to collect coupons - Apple Passbook. There are several different types of coupon, for example gift voucher, discount and special offer coupons and concert tickets.

The coupons can be distributed in several different ways, for example via COMINATOR's shopping platform (super specials), other COMINATOR apps or QR barcodes (signs, placards, advertisements, advertising papers and social networks) and e-mail. The coupons show information on ordinary specials.

If users have added a coupon to their Passbooks, it can be shown to users when they are actually in the vicinity of the shop. Users can delete their coupons, but it's an advantage to keep them because loyalty can be built up in this way.

COMINATOR's products come with an administrative app for iPhone which makes it possible to register redeemed coupons in the shop and gain a quick and easy overview of how many coupons have been issued, and how many have been redeemed in the shop.

We're currently working on supporting the same discount and special offers for Android smartphones to one degree or another.

The product can be supplied to shops in towns which use COMINATOR's shopping platform, and it will also be attractive to, for example, chain shops at national level.

City Kolding was first... but your city can also join

COMINATOR has just developed and delivered an entirely new shopping platform for City Kolding: using a smartphone can make shopping in Kolding a lot more interesting.

The shopping platform ensures that users have the required information at hand when they move around the city. It's possible to find shops, cafes, discos, restaurants, cultural activities, accommodation and more. Users can also locate the nearest ATM, carpark and toilets or check train schedules within seconds.

A brand new functionality has been added to the shopping platform: full-screen ads which are activated by shaking the smartphone. The user can then browse through numerous offers in full-screen mode with space for a good message which is easy to read.

The app can be continuously expanded to include even more value-creating functions, including use of the social media, so that a visit to the city's shopping environment can always be seasoned with current specials and exciting experiences.

Contact your local city centre manager/chamber of commerce president if you would like the shopping platform in your city.

"City Kolding chose to work with COMINATOR because they deliver the smart, creative and innovative solutions which create a lively city centre by means of smartphones. COMINATOR makes it a dynamic tool with perspective, and we can expand it in the future with even more attractive options."

Mette Schumacher
City Centre Manager
City Kolding

"Customers in the city whose hands are shaking are a good sign for retailers. That is if they have downloaded City Kolding's new app. The new app leads customers to current specials in the shops when they shake their phones."

Henrik Kruse

"Supersmart users with iPhones can use all the functions with one hand - so there's room for the shopping bags in the other :-)"

Marianne Skaanning Ebbesen
Centre Manager
Tønder Handel

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